We truly believe in providing you with the best support and managed IT solutions to keep you going regardless of anything. For smooth services, we suggest you choose a service package from our available different packages which will ensure you seamless support and also save you a good amount of money on your bills.
We are having the best team of certified cybersecurity experts which knows every nut and bolt of all the latest cybersecurity threats and protection methodologies. We use complex security tools and algorithms to take your online business one step ahead in terms of robust security and 360 online protection. Know more about our security solutions in the services section.
We take pride in telling you that your every bit and byte of information is secured with us. We don’t sell data or analytics to any company. Your data is our robust protection. Explicate makes sure your personal and business details remain private with our strict NDA policies.
We offer a wide range of cloud services including SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and MaaS to give your business allrounder robustness and efficient performance by cutting the rigorous load from your servers and migrating your core services on our cloud storage. Right from creating a full suit architecture to providing scalable services, we do it all.
You are our priority and we make sure you always get the quality communication over the platform on which you feel comfortable. We are always ready to have words with you over email, Skype call, phone call, video conferencing and any other medium which you use for your day to day communication.