In this modern Era, We have already told you about how to remotely access your computer using another web browser. Now Google has released remote support for the Chrome browser and you can control a computer called Chrome Remote Desktop. This extension lets users do separately remotely access with another computer using the Chrome browser or a Chromebook. 

What can you do with Chrome Remote Desktop?

Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to access another computer remotely. You can use it remotely to access your computer, access someone other, or allow someone else to remote support yourself.

There are a few situations that may face at the time:

  • In case, If you are at home and you need a file or app from your work computer.
  • One of us in your family needs you to show them how to use something on their computer.
  • You have tech problems, and somebody on support needs to check a few things on your computer in your absence.

Is Chrome Remote Desktop secure or not?

In remote desktop software, Chrome Remote Desktop is always secure and safe. All remote sessions are AES encrypted over a protected SSL link. It means your data is fully protected while you remote access your desktop. Besides, when supplying access to Chrome Remote Desktop. You must generate an expiring access code and provide that to another user. 

While Chrome Remote Desktop is secure, the privacy of your data is only as strong as you and your desktop keep using the security techniques. Do not compromise the privacy and security of your data like weak passwords, reused PINs, careless security practices, and already-vulnerable machines.

How to setup chrome remote desktop

The simplest step by installing the Chrome Remote Desktop. On the computer, if you want to access it remotely, go to the Remote Access tab. Then download the application:

Simple, it can open to the Chrome Web Store page for the Chrome Remote Desktop extension. Click the add to chrome button in the upper right corner side. Keep always make sure you’re downloading the one labeled with the developed-by-Google “G,” not some other-party copyrights. 

Finish installing the app, once an app is installed, go back to the web page to choose a name for your computer. Then you’ll have to choose a strong PIN of at least six numbers. This will be the code that provides another machine access to your computer.

Chrome will give the offer to save this as a password. Now you are able to see your device as “online” in the Chrome Remote Desktop web portal.

You still need to install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension on the computer or other device that you’re controlling.

Now for the mobile device, We’re going to connect with an IOS and Android phone to Chrome Remote Desktop, then use it to remote-manage our Mac. To do that, after downloading the Chrome Remote Desktop app to your phone from the Play Store.

Mobile access with Chrome Remote Desktop

Eventually, the Chrome Remote Desktop app permits you to access your desktop from your iOS or Android phone when you are outside operating with your mobile device. This is specified for the devices that you have registered in My Computers. Always remember that this function is intended to help you access your own software and files. Somewhat than providing remote troubleshooting and allowance.

When you are able to open the app, you’ll see your devices listed. In the desktop app, you tap on the device you want to remotely access and then enter the PIN. The app defaults to a touch interface with a pinch to zoom and tap in place of the cursor. But you can’t use cursor mode at the top of the screen for finer control as well as the keyboard for text entry.

With a trendy, high-resolution smartphone or tablet. It is surprisingly easy to navigate, and while you won’t want to work this way for long, it’s acceptable for quickly performing a task or accessing a file you forgot.